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Nature-Based Therapy


Beeps, clicks, honks. Fingers tap tap tapping on keyboards.

That flashing blue LED light from the alarm clock. The hum of the refrigerator. The buzzing in my pocket from that group text I don’t know how to get out of.

In a relatively short period of time, our species has become incredibly disconnected from the natural world and our bodies don’t quite know how to respond.

Stepping outside, filling our lungs with clean oxygen, feeling sunshine on our skin, digging our feet into the dirt and mud: these are the ways our bodies have known to relate to the earth and find peace and comfort in doing so.

In our nature-based work, we will focus on mindfulness, grounding and somatic experiencing to address stress related to past trauma, anxiety, panic disorders, or just the stress built up from day-to-day living (and that stupid LED light…).

For these sessions, we will meet at an area nature park or greenbelt (typically St. Edward’s Park in NW Austin or the greenbelt in central Austin, though I’m open to new places), and going on a 35-45 minute walk with enough time to process and decompress afterwards.


Barton Creek Greenbelt (360 Entrance)


St. Edward’s Park